• Directed By Laurent Védrine

  • Written by Laurent Védrine

  • Produced by Vincent Gazaigne

  • Duration 52'

  • State Catalog

  • Production year2013

  • PartnersPLANETE +, TV5MONDE, CNC, Ministère de l'écologie, du développement durable et de l'énergie, Kissbankers

Bikes have accompanied the French throughout modern times. First as a luxury accessory, then as a mean to achieve individual and political liberation, bicycles have rolled through a century of France’s social history, until reaching a new status – that of ecological symbol.

The bicycle is a popular myth. Powered by the many memories of French people, it embodies something both timeless and universal.

It is also a riveting object, insofar as it has always opposed — cyclists and bikers, feminists and conservatives, middle-class and working class, adepts of ecological degrowth and speed lovers.

La Reine bicyclette is the story of our fluctuating love for bikes. It is a witty and tender look at French people on saddles, from the late 19th century to this day.

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