• Directed By Christian Paigneau

  • Written by Christian Paigneau

  • Produced by Vincent Gazaigne, Julie Meigniez (Talweg), Vaclav Kadrnka, Simona Kadrnkova (Sirius Films)

  • Duration 68' / 55'

  • State Catalog

  • PartnersA Talweg - Sirius Films - Arte GEIE (La Lucarne) - Slovensky Filmowy Ustav coproduction. With the participation of Ceska Televize and SVT. With the support of CNC, Procirep-Angoa, Région Ile-de-France and Prieuré de Saint-Quirin's writing residency.

  • AwardsSelections: Festival international du film d'histoire de Pessac 2022, Artfilm Kosice 2023, Focal International Awards 2023

From 1946 to 1971, in Czechoslovakia, two fairy tales come together and align with each other. One is of the Czechoslovak New Wave that contributes to the thawing of the country. The other is the writer Jan Procházka’s attempt to intertwine his own voice with that of the Prague Spring.