• Directed By Cédric Gruat

  • Written by Cédric Gruat

  • Produced by Vincent Gazaigne

  • Duration 52'

  • State Catalog

  • Production year2020

  • PartnersHistoire TV, CNC, Procirep-Angoa

What if General de Gaulle had been assassinated in 1964, during his official trip to South America? What if the United States’ secret services had tried to make it happen? The idea seems crazy.

In Autumn of 1964, General de Gaulle takes off to South America for a unique official trip: it is very long (twenty-six days), wide (ten countries), and busy (he’s prepared sixty speeches, and has thousands of kilometers to cover). It is also exceptional because of the French president’s ambition to turn this journey into a triumph, to spark great emotion and to become the Libertador.

Meanwhile, South America is on the brink of revolution.

Numerous military coups have taken place with the help of the United States; Cuba, a symbol of the anti-Imperialist struggle, is attempting to spread the revolution throughout the continent by inspiring a general fight against the Yankees. In these conditions, de Gaulle’s trip, his committed speeches and his provocations are being closely monitored by CIA agents, whose daily reports become more alarmist by the day.

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