• Directed By Pierre-Henri Gibert

  • Written by Pierre-Henri Gibert

  • Adapted from Continental Films : Cinéma français sous contrôle allemand by Christine Leteux (La Tour Verte editions)

  • Produced by Vincent Gazaigne

  • Duration 52'

  • State Catalog

  • Production year2019

  • PartnersFrance Télévisions, Histoire, Procirep-Angoa, CNC

  • AwardsSelected at Festival International du Film d'Histoire de Pessac (2019)

Paris, 1940. German occupation forces create a new film production company, Continental, and put Alfred Greven – producer, cinephile, and opportunistic businessman – in charge. During the occupation, under Joseph Goebbels’s orders, Greven hires the best artists and technicians of French cinema to produce successful, highly entertaining films, which are also strategically devoid of propaganda. Simultaneously, he takes advantage of the confiscation of Jewish property to purchase film theaters, studios and laboratories, in order to control the whole production line. His goal: to create a European Hollywood. Among the thirty feature films thus produced under the auspices of Continental, several are, to this day, considered classics of French cinema.

Image credit: Romain Egéa