Founded in 2012 by Vincent Gazaigne, Talweg is an independent audiovisual production company which specializes in documentaries on social, historical, cultural themes and investigation.

Our priority is our relationship with authors and directors, in a community of interests and desires. Together, we want to create and accompany new films through ever-changing modes of writing and broadcasting.

The team

Vincent Gazaigne, Managing director and Producer


Born in 1980, Vincent Gazaigne graduated from Toulouse’s Ecole supérieure de commerce and quickly turned to audiovisual production. In 2004, he joined KUIV (a company renowned for producing historical documentaries, and recipient of the Procirep’s Best producer award in 2006), where he worked as production manager and collaborated with Patrick Rotman, Yves Jeuland, Michaël Prazan and Jean-Christophe Rosé, among others.

In 2008, he joined the Générale de production as a producer in order to develop the Documentary department. There, he produced documentaries about social, historical and cultural issues.

Vincent Gazaigne was a member of the Procirep-Angoa commission for 3 years, co-president of the documentary commission of USPA (Union syndicale de la production audiovisuelle) and founding member of the Sport et Films collective. Today, he is a reader for the Fondation Gan pour le cinéma and teaches classes for INA Sup and INA Expert.

Song Pham, Producer


Song Pham graduated from the Sorbonne in history. She then joined Roche productions for six years, where she worked on historical documentaries and collaborated with Iossif Pasternak, Pavel Lounguine, William Karel and Nino Kirtadzé, among others.

In 2005, she joined Temps noir as a production manager. There, she began to produce her own films, with a particular interest for history (Calamity Jane, Legend of the West) and art and culture (Germany, Art and Nation; The Amazones of Versailles).

From 2014 to 2017, Song worked as line producer for What’s Up Films. There, she continued to work on historical documentaries while branching out to scientifical themes (Do Animals Have Rights?), as well as social and geopolitical ones (The Disappeared: Syria’s Invisible War, recipient of the Albert-Londres award in 2016).

In 2017, Song joined Talweg production.

Beyond her interest in different themes, Song makes it a priority to regularly work with young authors and directors on their first films. She is part of the EURODOC network (2010), of the Région Languedoc-Roussillon’s audiovisual committee and of the Procirep-Angoa’s TV commission.

Julie Meigniez, Junior producer



For more information, to buy a DVD, or to plan a screening : talwegprod@gmail.com. To send a documentary project : v.gazaigne@talwegproduction.com and song.pham@talwegproduction.com