Les faussaires de l'histoire ENG

The Counterteiters of the history

Directed by Michaël Prazan

Co-written by Valérie Igounet

Editor in chief Yvan Gaillard


Production’ year : 2014

The film can be seen in two versions : 62’ and 52’

The film is now available in VOD. 

« The Counterfeiters of History » is the story of the Negationist discourse in France, and of its international spread, through the past decades.

Thanks to the expertise of various leading figures and of the best historians, by means of little-known and previously unseen archives, this documentary is about the intellectual and xenophobic fraud that is « Negationism ». Its story, as told in the film, begins immediately after the war, among the nostalgic of Nazism and collaboration ; it continues through the 1970s, when Negationism is reoriented under the influence of the « anti-Zionist » left wing ; it unfolds until the late 1990s, when the doctrine is brought to the Arab-Islamic world by former philosopher Roger Garaudy.

The film dissects the hate discourse hidden under the masks of historicity and political militantism, in order to understand it better and to conjure it. Now that the last survivors of the 20th century’s largest genocide are disappearing, this film is also a warning call in the face of the attacks which are still being led, on several continents, by the counterfeiters of History.

A Talweg - CNRS Images coproduction

With the participation of France Télévisions and TV5MONDE

With the support of the Fondation pour la mémoire de la Shoah, of the PROCIREP – Société des Producteurs, of the ANGOA and of the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée