Les dames de la colline ENG

The Ladies from the hill

Directed by Chloé Henry-Biabaud

with the cooperation of Amélie Mutarabayire Schafer

Editor in chief  Julien Hatoum


Production’ year : 2014

A 55’ film.


In 1994, they were « killed ».

The Rutonde survivors still live today on their hill in eastern Rwanda. “Death did not want us”, the women joked. These women, last survivors of their families and besmirched in their intimacy, are still standing proud, beautiful, dignified and strong. Since the events, the young girls have become women and the mothers, grandmothers. Guided by a franco-rwandan psychologist, they slowly came back to everyday life. 20 years after the genocide, these women are the keystone of their country's reconstruction. The survivors of Rutonde invest financially in their community as well as through cultural and political activity. More personally, they also help in the education of the new generations.

The struggle of these women, acting on the scale of a simple hill, becomes the international stage of a movie that will probe the limits of the human being, always pushed further back, to show the strength of resiliency and the need for forgiveness.



A Talweg executive production

with the cooperation of PLANETE+

Supported by the Fondation Un Monde Par Tous and the Subiruseke Retrouve Le Sourire association