Le peuple de Nejmeh ENG

The People of Nejmeh

Written by Youssef Yaacoub et Jonathan Cadiot

Directed by Jonathan Cadiot

Edited by Ronan Sinquin

Produced by Vincent Gazaigne and Cynthia Choucair

distributed by Talweg production / contact for screening : v.gazaigne@talwegproduction 

The film is now available on VOD. 

Counting hundreds of thousands of supporters all over the country, Nejmeh is the most popular football team in Lebanon. The only one of its kind in the country, it gathers players and supporters of all faiths, who have self-proclaimed  themselves “the unbelievable Nejmeh people”.

The story of the club is one of endurance in the face of all the crises and all the wars that have rocked the country since 1945. It is a story of resistance to confessional tensions and to all attempts of hijacking, in a country in which sport, religion and politics have always been closely intertwined.

Even during the war and under the bombs, the Nejmeh team kept playing.  It has become a symbol of hope for a whole country that keeps seeing it as an ideal, as the allegory of a united Lebanon.