1914-18 La Grande Guerre à travers les Arts ENG

1914-18 – The Great War through the arts


An interactive documentary by Pierre-Henri Gibert and Adrien Minard

Director’s assistant Simon Maisonobe

Web agency Cellules (http://cellules.tv/fr/)

Production’ year : 2014


1914-18 – The Great War through the arts is an interactive documentary. It is bound to tell the story of the Great War through its artistic representations, from 1914 to today. Throughout 5 themes (“The other & the enemy”, “Trenches”, “Women and children”, “Obedience and rebellion”, “The wound”), one can follow the destiny and work of many artists who were influenced by the war – whether they experienced it firsthand or not. Film, painting, literature, comics, and propaganda art, are featured in the documentary.

The project is original in several ways: first when it comes to its content, as art is here considered an access to the history of the war, allowing for unexpected perspectives; second when it comes to its form, insofar as the audience is part of the experience and can interact with the content. Those technical features are put to clever use for the subject’s study, with major documents and sources being given a central place.



With the participation of France Télévisions Education, TV5.org, of the CNC (aide aux nouveaux médias), and of the Ministère de la Défense, Direction de la mémoire, du patrimoine et des archives